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Technology End of Life

The brief was to create a distinct and impactful animation that highlighted the dangers of not migrating from legacy software that was coming to it's scheduled End of Life, or End of Support.

Dangers such as increased risk of regulatory non-compliance, heightened security threats, limited technology choices, and an excalating cost of technology management.


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ResourceiT WPC '16 Sessions

The ResourceiT team is looking forward to a jam packed WPC, with over 80+ meetings booked, 15+ party invites, 1,000+ MADs at the ready, delivering 6 interactive sessions and hosting 2 roundtables :

Monday July 11, 11:15-12:15 GoDigital...


Fewer Paintbrushes, More Calculators

It’s always surprising the level of confusion that surrounds telling someone you work in marketing. ‘Like TV adverts?’ No, not quite… This likely comes from age-old views that marketing is all about colour, design and creativity. Of course this...


It’s Not Over ‘til LONG After It’s over’

Following what will be a 5 day flurry in Toronto, many WPC attendees will be looking forward to some down time when they return. However, if you are to really make the most of your investment in WPC, the follow up is just as important as the...