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Happy New Year

Hello and welcome 2012!

Here are just a few reflections on the past year here at ResourceiT and of course our plans for 2012…

SharePoint! SharePoint! SharePoint!

Microsoft's fastest growing product since Windows went to new levels of deployment and upgrade.  Thanks to a fabulously crafted marketing approach by the ResourceiT team (led by Rebecca Little) and Mark Johnston and Alistair Rees, we have generated a record-breaking number of SharePoint project opportunities during this quarter.  Thanks to all the partners who have helped to make this one of the most successful marketing projects we have delivered in our career so far!

Hitting the ground running with Microsoft Unified Communications

Our support of Polycom and its Microsoft partnership saw Polycom win the Microsoft UC Innovation partner of the Year award at WPC in LA, and become one of the first Microsoft Gold UC competent partners, globally.

Talking of WPC, it was great to see Westcon as sponsors of the Microsoft UK lounge. Even better was seeing  Guy Koster and Pete Woodhams dressed as Maverick and Goose from Top Gun (hilarious) at the UK party. A huge thank you to Microsoft UK for supporting this. 

We have been working closely with Steve Tassell and the Microsoft UC team to deliver a variety of very successful marketing campaigns with UC partners. These have resulted in an impressive pipeline of Lync Server opportunities due for close before the end of the financial year. 

Side by side with Microsoft's Tony Cocks and Malcolm Bullock, we've worked hard to recruit some hard core Ci**o partners across to Microsoft - and followed through by helping the new recruits to grow their Microsoft UC business by delivering "UC Sales Accelerators" (brainchild of Garry Corcoran and his Discover Demo Deal approach). We do love a competitive win.

Training Microsoft PAMs throughout Europe

One of the most strategic new partnerships we have developed this year has been with the Rudow Group. We have built a team of very high quality and experienced trainers to confidently and expertly deliver Rudow content for "Achieving Strategic Alignment with your Partners" to most Microsoft PAM's across Europe. This has been a lighthouse project for us - from Prague to Moscow, Madrid to Warsaw we have visited virtually every Microsoft sub-office in Europe.

The positive feedback received for our skilled training team combined with the depth and quality of Rudow content have been literally off the scale.  We are thrilled to see so many comments from Microsoft PAMs who have been in a position to apply the learning. Congratulations to Toni Kent, Tony Robinson and Paul McAdam at ResourceiT for a job very well done.  Thanks also to John Rudow for giving us the opportunity to work with him and a big pat on the back for John Rose (ResourceiT Head of Marketing Strategy) for his excellent management of this strategic project.  We look forward to deliveries in APAC and the rest of EMEA in 2012.

So what are we planning in the next 12 months?

2012 will see us significantly develop our offerings in a number of areas. 

It's all about the web

Digital Marketing Services and Online Reputation Management will be critical to our clients in the not too distant future (if not already).  We believe that the web is one of the biggest marketing tools of today - and without focus in this area more and more businesses will struggle to grow and develop.  We have worked hard to research and develop our digital offerings throughout this year to ensure that they we will deliver value and will be launching some exciting new services for Microsoft partners in the New Year.  Watch this space.

Remember it's your customers that pay the bills

Our Customer Surveys have proved invaluable to partners throughout 2011 and we have every intention of continuing this service in 2012.  We speak to your best customers on your behalf, find out how they view your services, why they selected you as a supplier and what they like and what don't like about working with you.  For what is a relatively small investment, this service has delivered deep and unique insight enabling partners to truly cement customer relationships and get direct feedback on what they are like to work with - the perfect platform for growth.

Helping you make money in the Cloud

Head in the clouds or in the sand?  Transforming an existing "services based" business to a commodity business remains a challenge for most businesses right across the IT channel.  We have seen a multitude of "transformation" or "strategy" offerings being delivered by various organisations in our sector (some more successful than others) but when all the talking and planning is done, how are you actually going to move your business forward? 

Taking our highly successful and proven Value Proposition process we have adapted and developed it to meet the needs of partners who want to develop a Cloud-based proposition and business practice.  Whether it's Office365, Windows InTune or SQL Azure that fits your business, we have deep and insightful experience to share for any Microsoft partners keen to explore the Cloud opportunity.

Wishing you a very Prosperous New Year!


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