30, 60 and 90 days - starting a new job with a baptism of fire

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I am half way through my first 90 days at ResourceiT and thought it was a good place to reflect on the first 30 days and what is next as I reach 60 and then 90 days as the new General Manager.

For those of you that don’t know me I have been in technology marketing all my working life, I love the ever-changing landscape both in terms of technology and the partners that work within it. I get a real buzz out of being close to a business and facilitating growth which is what landed me in this role.

For the past 12.5 years I have been at Jabra, a global leader in sound solutions, working in the UK, across EMEA & finally finishing my time for the past 3 years running the global channel marketing organisation. It was time for a change though and what better place than the agency I had put my trust in for the past 6 years for my channel & alliance marketing that I knew shared the same working values as I did.

Day 1 in the office was the first change, no longer was I a remote worker with a globally spread virtual team, spending much of my life at Terminal 5 Heathrow. I was back to a daily commute and an office where my team were located. Quite a change but already one that I realised I missed. Working from home is great but nothing better than human face to face interaction with a team that are deeply committed to doing a brilliant job, always. The first 30 days were definitely about learning, understanding the business, our customers and new processes on the other side of the coin.

On day 5 though was back to the old routine, Heathrow but this time flying to Microsoft Inspire in Vegas with a new company name on my badge. Talk about baptism of fire in a new role. I met so many customers and future customers, engaged with old friends, made new ones. A real rollercoaster in the Nevada heat. The IAMCP Women in Technology luncheon was a real highlight as was singing on stage before Satya’s core note with the rest of the Inspire Partner Advisory Council. I came back exhausted but energised about how much opportunity our customers have to grow in FY19 from AI to business apps to Azure to Teams, the interconnected world of Microsoft it an opportunity like no other.

Back in the office on day 15 and from then on in it has been full on, day 30 came and went so quickly and now we are at day 45 as I write this, how did that happen? They say it takes minimum 6 months to feel at home in a role but this is flying by.

Every customer meeting leaves me with that excited feeling of anything is possible, not to mention the first time I secured some business to work on a campaign with a Microsoft partner. Many of our customers are sharing the same challenge, how to make themselves stand out from the crowd faced with the difficult decision of where to invest their limited marketing budget for the best return. It all starts with the ‘why’ – a marketing investment is not worth it if you don’t understand the core value proposition of what you are trying to sell. Even in my short time here I can clearly see better results when a partner has invested to understand who their customers are, why they buy from them and what sort of customers are good business.

So what’s next as I start the second part of my first 90 days at ResourceiT. Well I am in the middle of several proposals, meeting more clients, existing and prospect and still getting to grips with being the new girl as regards to process. What is clear though is the world of channel development and marketing on the agency side is full on, switching from customer to customer all with different challenges requires a different way of engaging and reignites my passion every time.


Marley Lacey