Anglia IT Solutions

Our social media strategy creates awareness of Anglia IT Solutions brand

Anglia IT Solutions provides both hardware and software IT innovations to extend the efficiency of existing systems and keep them fully functional as well as delivering secure cloud-based computing solutions.

Anglia sought the expert advice of ResourceiT, as they wanted to develop their social media strategy as part of a drive to increase awareness of their food ERP orientated sub-brand, LINKFresh.


Anglia understands that because of the complex nature of ERP solutions the sales cycle is typically a lengthy one. As a result, it’s necessary to take a long-term relationship approach and use a variety of communication channels to nurture potential clients.

This is where adopting and utilising social media can pay dividends as it extends the reach of existing traditional marketing and sales programmes.

Overcoming business challenges

Anglia was looking for a means to extend the brand exposure of LINKFresh and reach a niche food manufacturing target audience.

The main challenge they faced was that they simply did not have the detailed knowledge of the broad range of social tools available to enable them to build an effective plan of engagement.

"We had developed an initial strong brand presence with LINKFresh but were unsure as to how we could cost-effectively take it out to a broader target audience. We knew that social media could help us bridge that gap, we just didn’t know how. Thankfully ResourceiT did!"

Sarah Neale, Marketing Manager, LINKFresh


ResourceiT: delivering the social media nous LINKFresh need

An experienced digital marketing partner

Anglia’s objective was to develop an active and engaged community following their LINKFresh social brand. Anglia wanted to use social media in conjunction with, and to complement existing activities. Anglia wanted someone with proven expertise in the field of social media and approached ResourceiT for advice.

The digital media team at ResourceiT recommended that utilising social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook would prove to be the most effective means of spreading the LINKFresh ERP brand to the target food manufacturer audience.

As experienced digital marketers, our focus was on delivering the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place with the right call to action.

Social media audiences and influencers

Our first requirement was to understand the marketplace and begin to detail social influencers within the food manufacturing industry. Identifying this key group of people is essential, as their market influence could help extend the reach and acceptability of LINKFresh.

"The content provided me with an initial drive that helped to develop a rhythm of submissions and a template onto which I could build and manage future social engagements. Starting from scratch would have been very challenging.”

Sarah Neale, Marketing Manager, LINKFresh

"When integrated into the wider marketing mix, social media has the power to build closer ties with an actively engaged group of listeners and can be a far more effective means of developing the credibility and interaction that is required before any sales engagement. We now have the methodology to help our clients monetise time investment in social media"

Rebecca Little, Director of Digital & Strategic Alliances, ResourceiT Consulting Ltd

ResourceiT's social media strategy

ResourceiT developed a document and plan that would serve as the guiding platform for LINKFresh to manage their social strategy with the following focus:

  • Content tonality and delivery
  • Social ownership
  • Internal policy making
  • Measurement of performance and KPIs

Once we established our objectives, stategy and tactics, ResourceiT worked with LINKFresh to develop a social brand that was reflective of the company. One of the key components for a successful online brand, reputation and engagement programme is to remain consistent in the look, feel, and delivery of your communications. 

We wanted to replicate the LINKFresh brand message across each social media channel



tangible and targeted marketing campaigns.


a full marketing suite.


within record time.


ahead of schedule.

The results: a platform for success

As a result of our work, LINKFresh developed a platform for the engagement of a targeted audience across a much wider area. They were able to build a mechanism to enable a joined-up marketing approach across all their other digital activities.

Adopting this approach has resulted in LINKFresh achieving their KPIs earlier than anticipated. These performance indicators included increased company adoption of social media principles and the growth of an engaged community.

ResourceiT continues to work with LINKFresh in a mentoring and support capacity. We help them to ensure the programme retains a high level of focus within the business and achieves what it set out to do from the start.

“Setting out a social strategy is a crucial process in identifying and analysing where a company is at the moment, where they want to be, how are they going to get there and what the obstacles are that need to be overcome."

Rebecca Little, Director of Digital and Strategic Alliances ResourceiT Consulting Ltd

ResourceiT continues to work with LINKFresh in a mentoring and support capacity. We help them to ensure the programme retains a high level of focus within the business and achieves what it set out to do from the start.

“Through the work and guidance of ResourceiT I feel we are in a far better position to achieve our social objectives. From both a strategic and tactical perspective, I am now far more confident in managing our social programme and using it as a mechanism for engagement and as part of our other marketing activities.”

Sarah Neale, Marketing Manager, LINKFresh