Targeted messaging helps Hitachi break into the social care market.

Hitachi, provider of IT services, wanted to reach out to a new market – the social care sector – as they realised this was a field that could benefit greatly from their new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for social care providers, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This is a sector that constantly faces challenges in the delivery of high-quality care while battling with budgets cuts. Therefore, carefully managing resources is essential within social care.

What Hitachi needed was a quick and cost-effective way to test market interest. With finite resource available, they had to get it right first time to make the best use of available budget. There simply wasn’t time for Hitachi to collect the email data they required, so they contacted ResourceiT.


ResourceiT create directed messaging

With vast marketing experience in the technology sector, ResourceiT had the knowledge Hitachi needed to make their campaign a success.

We were the ideal partner to turn to for help with this project.We started by defining Hitachi’s proposition, pulling out the benefits of the new solution, and creating a targeted message. We also spent time researching the behaviour of social care decision makers’ online activity. This showed that, as a group, they’re relatively active on LinkedIn.

Perfectly placed advertising

As a result of our research, we decided to use a combination of LinkedIn advertising and targeted InMails to deliver a relevant message. Hitachi wanted to drive attendance to a 30-minute webinar on their new solution and to open a dialogue straight in at C-level.

ResourceiT constructed seven LinkedIn advertisements, with eye-catching images and messaging that would really speak to the prospects’ pain points.

"We’d heard of ResourceiT via Microsoft and knew they had lots of experience in our sector. This gave us great confidence in their ability to deliver the results we wanted."

Sally-Ann Smith, Marketing Manager, Hitachi


ResourceiT and Hitachi: Breaking industry standards

Highly targeted InMails

ResourceiT also constructed four ‘InMails’ – private messages – on behalf of Hitachi that were sent to 40 highly targeted prospects. These InMails introduced Hitachi as a company and briefly described their new social care provider solution. They invited the reader to their webinar and offered to send them the agenda should they request it. 

Twice the usual click-through rate

The LinkedIn advertisements were tremendously successful, achieving twice the usual click-through rate.The average click-through rate for Hitachi’s campaign was 0.044%, with the highest performing advertisement reaching 0.052%. That’s over twice the stated ‘good’ click-through rate. A ‘good’ click-through rate for a LinkedIn campaign is 0.025%.

15% response rate to InMail

On top of this, the targeted InMail messages achieved a fantastic 15% response rate. As a result of this LinkedIn activity, Hitachi had 15 registrations for their webinar. They were effectively able to pitch to 15 C-level executives in the new market they wanted to reach.


a full marketing suite.


within record time.


ahead of schedule.

A highly profitable result

These results could not have been achieved in any other way, given the very limited timescale and budget for this project.

Due to this activity and the subsequent webinar, Hitachi pursued three new opportunities worth approximately £150,000 each in services revenue. They’re now confident in investing further in promoting their social care solution.

ResourceiT was able to deliver exactly what Hitachi needed to test the market in the limited timescale available. The outcome was a number of successful engagements and the intelligence Hitachi required to break into this market even further.

“We are thrilled with the results that ResourceiT has been able to deliver. When we came to ResourceiT, we knew what we wanted to do; we just didn’t know how to do it. They just made it all work. Working with ResourceiT was an absolute pleasure.”

Sally-Ann Smith, Marketing Manager, Hitachi