Award winning ERP company gains ‘a marketing department in a box’.

HSO specialises in implementing, integrating, optimising and maintaining ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and Office 365. The company won the Microsoft ERP Partner of the Year 2014 Award for its work with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

To support its own marketing team, HSO was looking for a partner to help showcase its vast experience and capabilities in providing innovative enterprise business solutions.


Needed: an experienced marketing support team.

HSO has a team of highly trained Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants, engineers and developers, plus unique IP across retail, distribution, manufacturing and service sectors, and an enviable portfolio of existing clients.

With a small internal marketing team, HSO wanted additional support via a partner who could provide flexible end-to-end marketing resources. It was essential for the partner to understand the way HSO operate to help convey the company’s culture.

Finding the right partner.

As a company that delivers complex business value-based solutions, HSO seeks to identify, win and maintain lifetime customers that will create a continual annuity revenue stream.

In turn, its customers consistently realise value from the partnership as HSO dedicates its expertise to delivering a highly personalised and pragmatic service.Therefore, it’s critical for HSO that the right prospects are attracted and engaged through marketing and turned into a sales opportunity.

“We needed so many things: website, sales collateral, events banners and handouts, case studies, social media & lead generation. If we had taken the decision to recruit the right level of marketing resources to address our needs, the costs (let alone the timescales) would have been completely prohibitive and we would still be behind now.”

Hector Hickmott, Sales Director, HSO Enterprise Solutions


HSO and ResourceiT: the perfect match

HSO and ResourceiT: the perfect match

With over a thousand business, sales and marketing projects delivered over the last eleven years, ResourceiT had the experience to offer HSO the type of marketing support it needed. Effectively, we were able to give them ‘an extended marketing department in a box’ solution.

Crucially, ResourceiT was able to invest the right level of time, effort and research into creating an annual marketing engagement plan that ticked all the boxes for HSO.

A comprehensive marketing strategy

The partnership started with ResourceiT working with the HSO team to put together company-wide value propositions that included unique messaging for the retail, manufacturing, rental, oil and gas sectors.

Based on these value propositions, a fully integrated marketing communication campaign was launched in a matter of weeks. Since creating these initial value propositions, ResourceiT has gone on to provide HSO with an array of marketing collateral.

"ResourceiT is able to support us with website updates and development, sales collateral, content development, social media, design work and more. I would need to expand the internal team significantly and overnight to get the level of expertise and support I receive from ResourceiT. It just wouldn’t be realistic, both from a cost and time perspective.”

Nicola Hannay, Head of Marketing, HSO Enterprise Solutions

“Operating in such a competitive market and with time against them, it was critical to HSO that following our recommendations would enable them to create a marketing presence that not only communicated the extremely high-value organisation they are – but was measurable and repeatable. In a highly competitive industry, there is simply no room for error.”

Julie Simpson, Managing Director, ResourceiT Consulting Ltd

A highly intelligent website

ResourceiT also supported the re-launch of HSO’s UK website. The web project included the development of both design and content along with high intelligence applied to SEO and PPC. Our aim was to ensure HSO is displayed within relevant searches and is always at the forefront of a prospect’s mind.

ResourceiT continues to develop content for HSO’s UK site with strategies to retain and boost organic search rankings. This includes constantly building in new site functionality such as data collection forms and multiple calls to action.

Alongside this, the social media campaign that ResourceiT manages has driven a new audience to the content available on the HSO website.

"The website really has grown into our first point of sale, delivering tangible results"

Hector Hickmott, UK Sales Director, HSO Enterprise Solutions


tangible and targeted marketing campaigns.


a full marketing suite.


within record time.


ahead of schedule.

A flourishing ongoing partnership

ResourceiT has become a vital extension of HSO’s own internal marketing team. By becoming a ‘marketing department in a box’, we’ve enabled HSO to benefit from access to a considerable variety of marketing expertise. Thanks to ResourceiT, HSO now has an array of designers, copywriters, marketing campaign managers and digital experts at its disposal.

“Amongst countless other opportunities in the sales pipeline, we are just waiting for confirmation of HSO winning a multi-million pound opportunity. I don’t know who is more excited about it, us or HSO!”

Julie Simpson, Managing Director, ResourceiT Consulting Ltd

For HSO, ResourceiT has become their entire marketing department. HSO has been able to benefit from access to a considerable variety of marketing expertise with designers, copywriters, marketing campaign managers and digital experts at their disposal.

“Identifying the right agency, which understands our Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM business is key. But even more so, finding that agency with great people, who go above and beyond to deliver fantastic results, is what makes the difference. ResourceiT stands out from the rest. It’s not just an agency, it’s my right arm, my team, and everything a true partnership should be."

Nicola Hannay, Head of Marketing, HSO Enterprise Solutions Ltd