Driving License Renewal.

117% increase in renewal rates through distributor and reseller channel through a programme to increase levels of software renewal through Customer Lifecycle Management.


Driving License Renewal

Microsoft Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an approach, which helps resellers ensure a predictable stream of licence renewals by focusing their efforts on existing customers and nurturing them throughout their licensing lifecycle.

Microsoft called on ResourceiT to help develop and deliver the programme to increase levels of software renewal from the existing rates up to a target of 80%.

We developed a programme and series of deliverables that Microsoft could take to market through its distributors (Avnet, Ingram Micro, Computer2000 and Westcoast) and their Value Added Reseller )VAR) channel.


Generated buy-in from Microsoft's VAR network.

The Strategy

  • Motivate and inspire VARs to implement the CLM methodology
  • Support and energise distributors and their 2,000 partners 
  • Drive adoption of the CLM methodology with the top distributors
  • Map communications plan in line with the 4,000 renewals and gain competitive insights to maximise the opportunity

Tools for success

  • Creation of the value proposition and campaign messaging
  • Direct Mail - desk stand and CLM guides
  • CLM Micro site
  • Online training videos and tutorials
  • Emails
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Leader boards
  • Social media
  • Incentives

The CLM programme resulted in a 117% increase in renewal rates (against a target of 80%), with benefits for Microsoft, partners and end customers.

Partner benefits

  • Increased software license opportunities
  • Increased opportunities for software upsell
  • Continuous annuity streams 
  • Retained customers and improved relationships

End customer benefits

  • Predictable and dependable support
  • Assistance in navigating license benefits 
  • Savings of up to £188 per desktop per year

"We have increased our Open Renewal rate by more than 64% over a 9 month period. Central to this achievement was the Customer Lifecycle Management approach and the value delivered by ResourceiT in formulating relevant and impactful messaging and helping us reach scale with our partner channel"

Daniel Langton, UK SMB Renewals and Annuity Manager