Building a Microsoft business

Perspicuity has been a Microsoft partner for around four years. Over this time it has invested a lot of effort into the relationship and in return received recognition as an innovative SharePoint and Cloud partner.


Gold Standard

CEO, Ben Gower, first came to ResourceiT at the very beginning of those four years, when his business was biased towards EMC Documentum.  He recognised the size of the SharePoint opportunity and turned to ResourceiT for guidance on building a Microsoft practice.

Ben always saw achieving Gold partner status as just the first step. Once this was in place, he was very quickly looking for ways to accelerate the relationship with Microsoft and offer real innovation to clients.


Working with Microsoft to grow Perspicuity's revenue.

Finding the Right Path

As Ben himself said, "there were lots of opportunities and temptation to spend too much time looking." ResourceiT helped Ben to focus on what was going to deliver most revenue for Perspicuity while aligning with Microsoft's priorities.

Perspicuity had identified Microsoft's Cloud roadmap as an opportunity fairly on.  We spent time with them working through Perspicuity's Cloud-based offering and meeting with Microsoft stakeholders to both raise the company's profile and ensure that the message was the right one.

Through case studies and web content, we helped Perspicuity to articulate a service offering that fits neatly alongside the Cloud services model.  This approach, branded 'P1', offers clients a flexible subscription service that encompasses all of the typical development, implementation and support services associated with a SharePoint project.

A Flagship Cloud Partner

With its P1 offering, Perspicuity has been able to capitalise on and build a strong business around Microsoft's online services. Perspicuity has a clearly defined offering and is showcased, at Microsoft partner events, as an example of an innovative Cloud partner.

"Turning Cloud into a business. That is where ResourceiT comes in. What you get is that little extra that helps you align completely with Microsoft that makes the campaigns and business a success."

Ben Gower, CEO