Fast Start Alliances

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In our experience, the biggest blocker to success is the lack of clarity in a message. So before you start investing in Channel Marketing, Digital Services or Vendor Alliance Consulting we ask you;

“What is it you are trying to sell to who”?

The focus of our highly interactive Fast Start Workshop is to create, enhance or develop a value proposition. This may be a message to your chosen vendor. It may be your message to a specific target market or customer segment, launch of a new product or service. Or it may be the value proposition message for your whole company.

Whatever your focus and objective, we will apply our highly successful, tried and tested process to help you clearly define:

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The DNA of your ideal prospect or customer – if this is a vendor, which business group or team are we targeting?

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The market drivers that will get attention – what external pressure are they feeling?

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The business drivers – we all have these, but what could be relevant and how do you express your understanding?

Drilling down into the personas of the people you are keen to engage and what will open their eyes and ears to your business, service or product is the first step. We also believe that in most cases, no where near enough focus is placed on how you help people to engage with you, and that is something we are really good at defining.

We’ll facilitate a lively workshop. Provide you with 300, 100 and 50 word summaries of your message, and give you our recommendations on next steps for how to amplify your proposition.

So, if you need clarity on your message, ideas for how to differentiate your product, solution or business and want to stand out in the market, our Fast Start Workshop and supporting process is just for you.


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