Here's Our Top 5 Tips for Crafting a Successful LinkedIn InMail Campaign

Here's Our Top 5 Tips for Crafting a Successful LinkedIn InMail Campaign


Here we go again…another visit to my inbox and what we can learn from yet another hit and hope InMail campaign.

Following my last blog on the potential power of InMails, this time I thought it warranted a handy guide to crafting the ultimate InMail.

As you can see from this example of how not to do it, I received an invite to an event in the city that never sleeps - New York.

Did this mean free flights and free accommodation? – surely so, otherwise why would you target someone in the UK for an event in the states?

I mean I could go to this event (I do have time to plan it), but is it logistically logical? Of course not!

To make sure you don’t waste your time, or money, here are my five top tips for creating InMails that will resonate with your audience:

1. Know Your Audience

This is the first step to any marketing campaign, not just InMails - know exactly who it is you want to reach and avoid wasting money by targeting irrelevant prospects.

If you’re looking to recruit for a Sales role, don’t target a Marketer; if you’re organising an event in New York, don’t aim it at someone in Basingstoke.

Simple really, but as you can see, it’s surprising how often ‘marketers’ fail to heed the obvious.

2. Always Include an Image

Whilst your image won’t be a part of your block of copy, it will feature to the side of your InMail.

Whilst this isn’t quite as important as say an eye-catching image for sponsored-content posts, I would strongly suggest you include it because if you don’t, there’s a chance your competitors could be featured in that space instead!

3. Check the Hierarchy of Those Receiving Your InMail

At the risk of repeating myself, knowing your audience is key to any successful InMail campaign. And it comes down to more than just geography, industry and role.

Obviously don’t invite a director to a CXO dinner; don’t send information of a product launch to someone in a junior role – their needs vary immensely, and your InMail should attempt to address their pain-points separately.

4. Get to the Point but Leave Them Wanting More

Your copy needs to be persuasive. It needs to get the reader engaged. But as with any good poker hand, you don’t want to reveal your straight flush on the turn; instead, entice them to take action by taking them on a slippery slope journey through the copy that begins with a compelling subject line.

Provide enough information within the copy to whet their appetites for the feast to come, and make it easy and clear what they need to do next.

5. Lead With Them Not You

Treat your InMail like the sales intro it is; take the time to make your InMail personal to the reader and retain the emphasis on them and not you - how you can help address their particular pain points. At this cold stage, will anyone really care about how many awards you’ve won? No.

Shortcut to Success

At ResourceiT we’ve run countless LinkedIn InMail campaigns, so we’ve come to understand what works best. If you need any help getting closer to your customers with killer InMail campaigns, we’re only a phone call or email away.


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