LinkedIn Native Video + LinkedIn Analytics

Marketers are celebrating!


Or, they should be.

In digital marketing we know (and it goes without saying) that video is on the increase, hugely! In fact, one third of all online activity is spent watching video, so market consumption is massive. However, we B2B marketers also know the nightmare that is getting this traffic from LinkedIn and on to our websites.

What are our options? We post a link with a video on the landing page and hope that someone clicks it? Or we try harder to make it clearer to them that it’s a video by adding an image with a play button in the middle, and then hope they click it.

Or we upload the video to YouTube, and post it to LinkedIn, but then they’re missing any opportunity to click through to our landing page and fill in a form. Because really, who clicks on the links in YouTube when there’s an ‘Up next’ cute kitten video?!

Hallelujah people! LinkedIn made video a native feature! You can read their article here. But why is this so important?

Imagine a world where you could see LinkedIn’s analytics on who’s viewed your video, where they are from, what company they work for, what their job titles are – AND still have them click through to your landing page.

B2B Marketers love a statistic, who doesn’t? We love it when we can say our engagement rate on that LinkedIn post was 1.9%, or the CTR was 3.4%, so having this on your video content is going to be revolutionary.

For now, here is a cat video. If you need help creating epic video content & implementing a social media strategy give us a call!


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