A picture says a thousand words, or not

A picture says a thousand words, or not


What do you think is wrong with this advert?

Unfortunately there’s no prizes to be won here, just simply a lesson in the failings of this advert to help you improve your next one (hands down the best way to improve your own results).

I’ll tell you what I think and let’s see if we match up (and there’s probably more):

  • What are they actually selling? The text doesn’t do a great job of enticing me to click through to find out more.
  • And because it’s not clear what they are selling, there’s no business value on offer.
  • Plus there’s no actual offer. Save £180 on what?
  • The only reason I knew who was advertising was by squinting; I then spotted the logo. IMO they have a great brand, so why not leverage it to better effect.
  • As I am not a business owner, or influencer, if what they are selling (I presume it’s actually some sort of business network broadband service), I am entirely the wrong audience.
  • White text on a colour background is a no-no, although this is actually easier to read than say, white text on a black background.

This is a brand that usually puts their advertising spend to great use; it just goes to show that you might not get it right all of the time.

I admit, this is a bit of a cop out on their behalf because the above are basics, so they should know better.

Have you spotted any others?


Michael Lonnon, Head of Content and Creative


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