Maximise Vendor Partnerships

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Understanding how to get the most from your vendor relationships is our bread and butter. We’ve been doing it successfully for 15 years.

ResourceiT has learnt through experience how to gain the most from technology partnerships. With thousands of examples of successful alliance projects to draw from we can help you accelerate success and ensure you are maximising your investment. With our Fast Start consulting packages starting from as little as £3k our focus is on working in partnership with you to make your investments deliver return. Quickly.


Identify the people and teams that will care about what you have to offer – and understand why and how to get things moving in the right direction.


We are super-fast and super-smart when it comes to helping you leverage and report against use of MDF. Our reputation relies on it.


With a 75% success rate for vendor awards and over 20 years attending global conferences (such as Microsoft Inspire) we know how to get these crucial investments delivering ROI.


Arm your relationship managers with the tools needed to create interest. From win-wires to one-pagers to Ebooks to iPDFs to OCP catalogue entries we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps your investment in your chosen vendor alliance partnerships rolls along, year after year without a hitch. Sometimes you may gain a little extra value. Occasionally you choose to use the additional ‘value-add’ services offered. But mostly you just use the technology platform to deliver solutions to your customers.

How different this could be.

Imagine a world where your vendor is coming to YOU with ideas for growing your business (and cash in its pocket to help you). With some thought and guidance from us on how to position your business as a strategic asset, and some tried and tested processes to keep you front of mind, your relationship could change overnight.

For example: We were there when Modality was born, and helped John and James create the business plan and alliance strategy. We attended the wedding of Microsoft and Polycom and helped these two giants bring their channels together. And we supported Perspicuity, Dot Net Solutions (now New Signature) and Red Pixie (now part of HPE) grow, develop and mature.

Channel Alliances is our world and we have consistently succeeded in one of the broadest and toughest IT channel markets in the world.

With global reach, and a variety of strategic embedded relationships, our pedigree in delivering thousands of successful projects (most times co-funded) means we know exactly what needs to be said and how to say it.

If direction for your vendor alliance partnership is what you’re after, if laser-focus and black and white results mean everything to you – then we are the channel partner you are looking for. Have a read of our Fast Start Workshop, consider our Stakeholder Mapping or maybe review our Vendor Awards service.

ResourceiT is the Channel Marketing Agency everyone is talking about.

Lucky us. And lucky YOU.