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Class of 1984 - CEOs do we need to go back to school?

How are top CEOs redefining their businesses to manage the global threats to growth and stability, and therefore secure their legacy? It's time to find out.

In this release we also talk about the power of emotion in advertising, 5 steps to better business storytelling, finding your business tone of voice, and choosing wisely with marketing automation.

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November Newsletter

Tell people a great story and they'll take notice. Don't, and they won't. We've travelled the globe delivering storytelling courses to 3,300 people, across 4 continents, in 16 countries. We know how to tell a great story, it's one of the things that makes us unique. Do you have a compelling story? If not, we can help.

In our November newsletter, we discuss the future being digital, the link between your marketing content and your breakfast, and whether user scrolling is an issue you should be considering in your web layouts. We're also running free 60 minute consultations, to tackle your challenges of increasing channel growth.

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October Newsletter

Make your digital campaigns more profitable. We're hosting a digital marketing masterclass 'don't bet your house' on October 13th. Read more about it now.

In our August newsletter we also explore finding your niche, how there's more to marketing than meets the eye, and how to let your ideas fly by just saying "screw it, let's do it". Again we include the download of Microsoft Abbreviation Dictionary app, your pocket tool for demystifying Microsoft speak.

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August Newsletter

What a week in Toronto! Take a look at some of our favourite WPC moments by watching our video highlight reel, and read how Julie Simpson's session was recognised as the 'favourite' of a USA Today business columnist.

In this edition of the newsletter we also touch on presentation skills to die for, finding the perfect headline, and the release of our MAD (Microsoft Abbreviation Dictionary) App, which can now be found in all three app stores.

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May Newsletter

Our May newsletter delves into one of the latest content phenomena, Storytelling; alongside providing the opportunity to book a workshop, we unpick what it takes to create an enthralling brand story.

Elsewhere, we are featured in Bing Ads PPC case study, and share with you how to get cosy with User Generated Content.

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