Paid social is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase brand awareness across some of the most widely used platforms. From the small cost per click to the great conversion rates, the reasons to choose paid social stack up.

Our paid social media packages provide short, but impactful social ads, which can be used to target an audience of choice. Audience targeting can be as large or as niche as required.

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LinkedIn InMail
Great for quick-wins, can be set up fast and works really well with specific calls to action like a webinar or a whitepaper. Average of 40% open rate, 4% CTR.

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Sponsored Content
Fantastic for sending a specific audience to a landing page, LinkedIn’s targeting for B2B companies is second to none. The average CTR for this is 0.35% (ResourceiT aim for 0.6%).

Our quick win packages are popular and effective when you have a specific call to action – such as a webinar or event. Therefore, if you’re looking to send customisable InMail’s at scale, or run a campaign based on sponsored updates, our digital gurus are equipped on hand to help.


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