out from the crowd and grow your business rapidly by differentiating your offering with a compelling value proposition.

What does your solution do? Who does it serve, and how is it (and you) different or unique? We can help you find and develop what it is (even if you don't know what that is yet!).



A value proposition details the promise of value that your service and/or solution will deliver.

How you articulate it to your prospects is the primary reason someone who is ‘in the market to buy’ will become motivated to choose you.

Our channel experts can help you:

  • Understand what a ‘Value Proposition’ is and how to develop one that is compelling and prospect-focused
  • Build a value proposition centred around attracting high spending, lifetime audiences 
  • Define the profile of your ideal customer, explore the market and business drivers and map those to your audience needs
  • Consider your communication choices and how to plan an effective ‘Call to Action’ that drives your desired engagement
  • Align your business focus to identify new opportunities that drive growth of your business



a compelling value proposition.


the buying habits of your audience.


the business challenges of your audience.


Targeted messaging helps Hitachi break into the social care market.

Hitachi, provider of IT services, wanted to reach out to a new market – the social care sector. What Hitachi needed was a quick and cost-effective way to test market interest.

With finite resource available, they had to get it right first time to make best use of available budget. There simply wasn’t time for Hitachi to collect the email data they required, so they contacted ResourceiT.