new markets with a compelling strategy that emphasises your unique value and sets you apart from the competition.

By developing a persuasive marketing entry strategy, you will be well placed to position your business at the forefront of your target audience’s decision-making process.



Attract the right customer fit both in terms of wallet depth and personality.

You achieve it through knowing what you’re doing, and through a considerable amount of hard work.

But also through not repeating the mistakes others have made.

We’ve made a few in the past, and that’s what has made us the success we are today.

It’s also why we’re the perfect partner to give you the advice needed to get the best possible results from your channel activities.

So if you would like to discuss anything around Channel Enablement, Channel Readiness, or Vendor Alliance don’t miss this opportunity. You really have nothing to lose.

Case Studies.

Channel Enablement.

Channel Readiness.

Vendor Alliance.


Activating a new partner channel.

When Microsoft and Polycom deepened their strategic relationship to deliver a broad set of voice and video solutions for unified communications it was an exciting, high profile move for both vendors.

With this expanded global agreement came a new strategy for channel development and partner recruitment.