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Tell people a great story and they'll take notice. Don't, and they won't. And we all have a great story to tell.

Develop your memorable story. Storytelling by the numbers. A lesson in storytelling.


How to stand out in the channel

Many partners who provide similar services, say the same things, in the same way.

This is a mistake.

All companies have a unique story to tell, and retelling the story of what makes you different is how you'll stand out in the channel.

For example, most companies will know cloud technology offers a more agile, cost-effective technology solution. So within a highly competitive market where there’s a huge variety of choice, you need to stand out and be memorable.

It will make all the difference to the market share you enjoy.

Being clear on your corporate story and ensuring every member of your team is able to articulate it is vital. This way you avoid the risk of sounding just like everyone else.

Your challenge (and opportunity) is to give your customer-facing sellers a distinct advantage. You can do this by increasing their skills and ability to tell your story.

Be memorable.

Storytelling for Business Impact

Creating compelling stories that inspire and engage your target market and demonstrate your understanding of cloud technologies will help you achieve your goals. 

Touching on all areas of your business from sales, marketing, and online presence to presentations and communications,

Storytelling can help you say new things in different ways to gain a competitive edge.

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful form of communication. Learn how to make it work for your business.

“The course was spot on for me, and I'm already thinking of ways to apply it to my day to day role.”

“This was a great investment and we would definitely recommend this to other organisations if they want to have a positive impact on their target markets.”

“Loved this course! Tony helped us to think out of the box and use totally non-specific stories to relate to our technology and Microsoft’s technology.”

3,300+ attendees.

56 workshops.

16 countries.

Creating stories that bring home the bacon

In this video, our CEO Julie Simpson, treats you to an insight into how creating memorable stories can bring home the bacon.

By watching this storytelling video you will gain:

  • Insight on storytelling through application
  • Examples of storytelling in action
  • Tools to use now, and for life
  • Crucial components and methodology

 Watch the video.


Sell Them an Outcome so they Remember You.

  • Identify the DNA of great business impact Storytelling and why it matters.
  • Understand how to create and deliver effective messages through Storytelling acrossmultiple mediums.
  • Practice applying the methodology to bring real business stories to life to drive results.

“The most useful part of the course was learning the STORY structure - I feel I can take this and apply it to my role in order to make my presentations have more of an impact.”

“Really great course and will make a positive difference to the way I approach customer conversations with a view to making these stories.”

Here's the message of the power of storytelling from our CEO, Julie Simpson, retold by a business columnist at USA Today.



Tell a story that people remember.

  • Understand how and why delivering stories with impact can accelerate desired outcomes from your target audience.
  • Change your approach on how you communicate to become more in control of the outcome and impact.
  • Remain focused on taking the audience on an interesting and relevant journey, regardless of message and objective.
  • Be able to replicate the process and methodology in multiple ways and situations.

“We had some stubborn sales people in the room who were set in their ways, and there were a few ‘lightbulb’ moments when they GOT IT and from that point onwards they were completely sold on the way this would help them.”

Storytelling by the numbers.

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