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If content is king for you - no doubt you will be heavily invested in making sure it is as relevant, informative, valuable and empowering as possible.

But that’s not always easy when you have to produce content in multiple languages. We understand that it’s often not just the translation that’s the challenge but the management of how the content gets translated, re-designed, reviewed and signed off. For a reasonable sized campaign this can be a complex process that our customers told us rarely goes well.

It is for this reason (and our need to properly service our global IT customers) that we did our due diligence to select and build embedded relationships with two world-class translation agencies - which means you don’t have to.

We have worked through the process, thought about and addressed the pitfalls, dealt with the commercials and set up a model that will enable you to have your marketing assets looking and reading great in almost any language.

This means, not only can we help you to create fantastic content (if you need that support), that looks great – but we can also enable you to scale your campaigns across multiple regions. Quickly and efficiently.

Listing all of the languages here would take some considerable time but it’s safe to say that whatever your translation need it is likely we can help.

One of the greatest strengths we have is understanding our customers unique needs and flexing to support that – that’s what a great global channel marketing agency does right?

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